Freight Warehousing Services in Columbus

Warehousing and Logistics Services for a Rapidly Changing World

The world has changed a great deal and along with it so have the services available to meet these changing needs. Warehousing is no longer simply a large building to store goods while you wait to sell them. We provide customized warehousing solutions from, one pallet to 5000 pallets, in service, close to market, flexible, operations.

In the logistics industry there has developed a clear divide between the large and the medium to small warehouse providers. They each have a very important roll to play and they each bring value to the user. We offer value in the medium and small provider discipline.

In addition we are a franchise for Pilot Freight Services where we offer a worldwide footprint of transportation and logistics options almost anywhere on the planet. CMH Logistics is working with a wide array of company across many different sectors to develop and execute customized warehousing and pick and pack programs that allow them to gain a competitive edge in the Midwest market in this ever-more intense global economy.

Warehousing Features & Benefits

  • High speed and/or Short term warehousing projects
  • Skidding
  • Sorting
  • Inspections
  • Light assembly